Insourcing instead of outsourcing

Since the middle of the year we have our own Post Production, directly in house. The new unit complements H&O’s services in this important field. Services that had to be outsourced, to external partners, can be provided by H&O now.
Everything is in motion. With social media, also the share of moving image in communication is growing rapidly – from simple GIF through 2D or 3D animation to elaborate film production. At the same time, 3D visualisation is becoming more important. A good reason to be present in the market.

Solutions from one provider.
“We can offer everything out of the field of Post Production – whether it is editing, sound design, motion design, animation, VFX, or colour grading”, says Christian Heyne, Senior Post Production Artist at H&O. He worked at Channel 4 in London, before that he worked with Memac Ogilvy Dubai for several years. Together with Andreas Wiens, those two are the core team of the unit. Both do not only have a lot of experience and software know how, but also a lot of creative spirit.

More than traditional Post Production.
“Good Post Production is never just simple execution,” Christian Heyne and Andreas Wiens underline. “Even an adaptation job has a creative potential that can be found. But clients can also just arrive with a blank sheet.” Then both will work out solutions – from developing ideas to storyboarding to sound design.

Art Direction

Motion Design

Video Editing


Color Grading

Sound Editing

Filled up with the newest technology.
The equipment in the roughly 60sqm studio is state-of-the-art, regarding technology and programs. “It was also important to create an atmosphere where people are comfortable, as our clients often spend a lot of time here,” says Christian Heyne, who helped planning the rooms. “It was great to see how the Post Production unit I planned became reality.”

The Team

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