62 countries, 28 languages

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to blaze new trails. We got it! OgilvyOne developed a new web presence for NESCAFÉ, basing on the social media platform Tumblr. After successfully launching the English master, the concept had to be rolled out globally. In 62 (!) markets and 28 languages.

Our multilingual team (4 colleagues, 7 languages) leads the project from Frankfurt. For all time zones, from coordination of contents to technical implementation and go-live. We work with more than 80 NESCAFÉ contacts worldwide.

Handling highest complexities.
The platform Tumblr offers the markets a lot of freedom in their design of the page. NESCAFÉ makes efficient use of this. Special wishes from the markets have to be made possible and other technical suppliers support us. We use “agile” methods and technical project management tools. This enables us to fulfil this highly complex task efficiently and on time. The current project status of every country can be checked in real time.

Key data

  • Client: NESCAFÉ
  • Project: world wide web presence on Tumblr
  • Task: project lead, implementation, cultural check, Corporate design monitoring

Responsible for this project