24,414 images in 10 days

When electronics retailer Media Markt calls on people in all Germany to take part in a goal-shooting contest, a lot is to be expected. But a data volume of 2.5 terabyte is something else. 24,414 images exactly had to be sighted, edited, catalogued, and delivered back to the markets in 10 days.

“The crazy goal-shooting contest” took place in 128 Media Markt shops from the end of May to the beginning of June in 2015. The many thousands of winner images had to be prepared for use in social media and had to be delivered to the respective markets for their Facebook pages and other social media channels.

In max. 24 hours.
In order to deliver quickly and on time, we developed an automation system, especially for this project. Each market received its own online access in order to upload their images and got them back, edited, 24 hours later. All in all, 7,000 data structures were set up and 2.5 terabyte of data were moved. By one colleague alone.

Key data

  • Client: Media Markt
  • Project: image editing
  • Task: image editing, data processing

Responsible for this project