As if it was real

“Nice! But how does this look in real?” When evaluating marketing measures, one needs his imagination. And that can be tricky. But maybe it does not have to be! The Virtual Mall makes marketing ideas tangible.

How is a poster perceived? Or how do videos or displays function in a real environment? The H&O Virtual Mall has answers. The software was developed with congaz Visual Media Company and Ogilvy and makes absolutely realistic simulations in a 3D environment possible. Absolutely easy to use.

Innumerable possibilities.
More than 15 different environments (e.g. airport, train station, shopping mall, shop) can be used. Via tracking shot, one can move around in this virtual world and change perspectives. Even a complete customer journey can be depicted, including radio spots, mobile apps, banners, TV spots, out-of-home and POS measures.

Another benefit: setting it up is pretty effortless, therefore the Virtual Mall can already be used during the creative development stage.

Key data

  • Client: Ogilvy & Mather Germany
  • Project: simulation program
  • Task: realistic presentation of campaigns

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