DekaBank issues between 2,500 and 3,000 marketing measures per year. Ads, videos, posters, exhibition stands, websites, flyers, brochures, displays, banners, mailings, sales folders, invitations… How to steer and implement all of this optimally? Time for new work models.

DekaBank was looking for new possibilities to realise, steer, and control their numerous marketing measures in an extensive pitch process. More flexible than the current in-house model, without having to give up the benefits of being close. Our answer: the in-house agency.

H&O@Deka. Agency on site.
An H&O team is directly on-site at DekaBank and can be supported through the rest of the team in the agency. A tailor-made project management system steers the whole project, from briefing through reporting to rating, time allocation and billing. This tool is used by more than 130 contacts at DekaBank and all H&O team members together.

Regular evaluation.
From the beginning, qualitative and quantitative targets were determined. After a project is finished, it gets evaluated from 4 to 1 (best). Average grade (in July 2016): 1.04!

Key data

  • Client: DekaBank
  • Project: transparent agency
  • Task: project management, steering and implementation of more than 2,500 print, digital, and online measures per year

Responsible for this project