Drones above Frankfurt

14 days are not a lot of time for creating a corporate film. Especially not, when some questions need to be answered first, e.g.: can you just fly a drone in Frankfurt? And what about areas across from an embassy, that are security relevant?

The Holiday Inn at the Frankfurt Alte Oper is one of the flagship projects of the global hotels group IHG. For an important investors meeting IHG needed a video documenting the construction and the innovative design on short notice. It was obvious that we wanted to use aerial images – but would we get the permission?

Speedy realisation.
From IHG’s call to delivering the film, we had 2 weeks to find answers to all questions and realise the project. We developed the concept, took over filming and post production ourselves, got permissions for the drone flight – and were able to dissipate security concerns of the Kuwaiti embassy that is situated directly next to the object in several personal conversations.

Key data

  • Client: InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG)
  • Project: corporate film
  • Task: concept, production, filming, post production

Responsible for this project