Fast track for 20,000 jobs

Deutsche Bahn has large goals. Until 2020, 20,000 new jobs have to be filled. H&O is in a leading role when coordinating between human resources department and internal media agency since 2012 already. For us as well, this is no job like any other.

Being the main point of contact for 150 different clients and working with many different counterparts, is that even possible? Yes, pretty well, actually. An H&O team is in charge of implementation and execution of job advertisements, all the way to transmitting the data, whether it is print or online.

Bespoke technologies.
We have developed a databank-based automation technology, tailor-made for these requirements. It includes search engine optimisation and appropriate targeting for different target groups. Thereby we are able to e.g. program job advertisements for online portals as HTML files right away. The beautiful result: the process has been accelerated by 50%.

Key data

  • Client: Deutsche Bahn
  • Project: HR campaign / job advertisements
  • Task: full service, project lead and implementation, copy, creation, final artwork, programming.

Responsible for this project