Grand appearance in Berlin-Tegel

In 2016, Siemens celebrates its founder’s birthday with a gala in Berlin. For this occasion, the anniversary theme had to be implemented as a panorama plane at Berlin-Tegel airport: 13 metres high, 25 metres wide, overall area 325 sqm. A massive task!

Of course, when working in these dimensions, even the smallest detail is important. Also, Siemens applies high standards to the result. A lot of reasons to be accurate about it. Very accurate. Very, very accurate.

Give 1,000 Percent.
From retouching to creating the artwork to the technical preparation of the print data and printing supervision, the whole realisation lay with us. Again and again, every detail was checked, small changes implemented so everything was perfect in the end, until the print was approved with Siemens. The result was clear for all to see: since November 1st 2016 at Berlin-Tegel airport.

Key data

  • Client: Siemens
  • Project: panorama poster
  • Task: composing, retouching, artwork, technical print supervision

Responsible for this project